i like Blue Moon beer. what else should i try?!

Question: I like Blue Moon beer. what else should i try?
a friend told me if i like blue moon beer then i will love this other beer. he said he forgot the name of it but it has an elephant picture on the bottle.. not sure if this helps but do u know the name? also what other beer would you recommend if i like Blue Moon Belgian White Ale?


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Are you thinking of Tusker Beer?

If you like the orange.coriander taste, go for other Belgians. If you like the wheat, try the various German wheats. A good hefeweisen should regale your nostrils with the scents of cloves and bananas, neither of which, I might add, are in the beer.

Many German style wheat beers have a similar taste. Also try Hoegaarden. It's a Belgian Style White beer. It's the beer that Coors based the recipe Blue Moon on. Available nation wide.

I don't know that beer but you should try Shocktop and Hoegaarden (pronounced Who-Garden).

i like them

i love blue moon and i also like shock top. also try hornsby's.... it's an apple cider beer... yum

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