What supermarket/outlet in the UK stocks the red called wine SIERRA ALMIRON please?!

Question: What supermarket/outlet in the UK stocks the red called wine SIERRA ALMIRON please?
I was given a bottle as gift and have looked to buy some more, so no guesses please, just answer if you KNOW where I can get some.

Of course I see that I can buy it on-line, but I'm not after crates of it, just a treat now and then.


The UK merchants for this is Laithwaites who maintain exclusive rights to all wines they deal with in Great Britain. You *may* be lucky to pick up the odd old bottle from wherever the one you have came from, but this will be an ever diminishing stock. Even then the chances are that this gift itself came from Laithwaites as they are not known to take over something from an existing merchant.
Laithwaites is the name behind many of the UK mail order wines "clubs" such as The Sunday Times Wine Club etc, but they do now have a limited physical high street presence around the London area (with one shop in Birmingham). I don't know however if they sell single bottles or have minimum sale number like Majestic.
See here: http://www.laithwaites.co.uk/DWBase/jsp/…

1/ Buy case at a time from Laithwaites
2/ Visit a Laithwaites shop and hope they don't have a 12 bottle minimum (you can email/call them to see)
3/ Hope for Laithwaites to have really poor sales and to pass on the distribution to someone else who will stock one of your local supermarkets (unlikely to happen in the near future)
4/ Experiment with other Tempranillo/Granacha blend wines available around your area (the varietals of Sierra Almiron) until you find one you like.



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