Will i get drunk from this?!

Question: Will i get drunk from this?
Well i am 17 years old and i have been drinking since i was 16 not every week just a few times every few months.

anyway party coming up tommorow and i am planning to do 5 shots in a row and however many more after of vodka. will this get me drunk? also i can handle absinthe before so it wont be a shock to my system i just want to know if having 5 in a row will have an effect.

also i am small bout 170 cm and 56kg


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i think you will get faded and x-rated after all that! if you do them all in a row they will kick in real quick, probably ten to twenty min. here is a tip.... before you take a shot, take a deep breath and then take the shot, as soon as you swallowed it exhale and you wont get the shivers!!! works every time!

" ... i am planning to do 5 shots in a row ".
Don't bother going to the party. Just stay home, do all your shots and get stupid and vomit in your bedroom. At least you won't make a revolting idiot of yourself in front of your friends.

You may think they are laughing with you when you get out-of-control drunk, but they are not. They are laughing at you.

Stupid, STUPID... Rule is, no more than 1 shot per hour! You could kill yourself, what the hell do you think you are doing to your LIVER?? Are you ready for a liver transplant?? WHO will give you a liver?? Ask yourself THOSE questions!


Prepare to vomit

yeah, probably

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