Hubby addicted to chocolates. How to control ?!

Question: Hubby addicted to chocolates. How to control ?
My hubby is addicted to chocolates and he lost most of his teeth too. Leftovers are very few with temporary/permanent fillings. His parents are diabetics patients. My hubby is overweight. 105 kg weight with 180 cm height (age : 30). He have a big belly too. He is a chocolate lover from childhood. I tried to control his chocolate habit by telling him nicely. It dint work.

so, i tried to control his eating habit by shouting, scolding, even fighting to get back chocolates form him. He promised me many times but he dint keep up( 8 months over).

He eats everything in form of chocolates. He tells lame excuses like only today, or this is chocolate drink(not chocolate), etc. When he buy cake , he buy chocolate cake, in muffin he buy chocolate muffin. In deserts items he eats chocolate items. Ice creams, chocolate icecreams.

Whatever he eats chocolates. He needs chocolate in it.

we are getting fights bcoz of his eating habits. For me, its like dealing with a kid. I coulnt control him.

He also loves foods. Everyday he needs a tasty food. He dont eat something good for health.
When he comes home from work,first he come to kitchen and see what kinda food i made, He wont be satisfied with that. he look at it and say? Is this :( food today ? seems he dint like it. ( but after taking bath, he come and eat well saying its really good and delicious. )

I put my effort in cooking deliciously. But he wont be satisfied with that. He say some suggestions with that.

And also if he like some food, if i cook some other day he will say, i was looking for some other food today. If i cook that, he says i need some other food. If i cook all nice, He will ask make some ( salad(for eg.) which is missing in food) while eating.

I think he is not satisfied whats is there in front of him. ?

Everyday he eats some kinda chocolate things after dinner. Is eating some desserts good after such a heavy meal ????? .

He do some running 2 days a week but dint help with his weight.

Iam afraid that he may get diabetics. Iam seriously worried about his health.

He dont have any other bad eating habits like tea, coffee, hard drinks etc.

Two things in his mind is food, food and CHOCOLATES (other than work).

WHAT SHALL I DO ? How can i change his addiction ?

( For some, it seem silly. But Its really worrying me. we are getting fights bcoz of this. )

Thanks in advance. Please help me how to change his behaviour with foods. !


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OK you really need to reign this in
he wont try himself, which is kinda sad

so you have to

2 things

ask him what he wants for dinner beforehand
whatever he says he wants, make that, there is ALWAYS a healthier option
you just need to juggle some of the ingredients
and you will learn how to bulk foods out, so he IS full afterwards

2nd thing
its been proven that smelling vanilla, quells the want to eat sweet things & chocolate
they have even brought out vanilla patches for chocaholics, vanilla patches, the same as they have nicotine ones for smokers??

burn vanilla candles, drop vanilla EXTRACT (not essence) on radiators, or light bulbs
when they are switched on, the aroma will fill the house
if you can get away with it, a drop or 2 on his clothes would be ideal as it is then with him everywhere he goes
(a drop on the armpit of his jumper would be ideal, as its a hot area of the body) as he goes about his day he may wonder why he smells it though

you can help him
good luck

dont buy any chocolate and like make him do all the chores or something he doesnt like 2 do until he stops eating chocolate.

Buy that bakers chocolate (without the sugar in it) and make all kinds of tasty (looking) treats. Just don't add sugar. Put in salt or curry instead. Then leave these treats and wait for hubby to dig in. He will no
longer think chocolate is his friend.

MMMmmmmmm.... Chocolate... delicious swiss/austrian/german chooooooooocolate.

Hang on, babee, I'm on my way. I'll follow him around with my giant mug of steamin' hot black coffee and eat his chocolate out from under him. Well, not out from under him- I'm not going to lick a melted marabou bar off the seat of his pants or anything wierd like that, just prevent him from getting the chocolate by eating it first. Yeah, that's it.

And if he drops dead from all that chocolate, you can cook for me... fonduuuuue, mmmm, swedish meatballs, herring, bondost, sylta- serve enough aquavit with it and I'll eat anything you dish up.

What's the view like where you are? Any mountians and lakes and what not? Or is the food the main attraction?

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