Is my doctor going to yell at me when i tell her how much I drink?!

Question: Is my doctor going to yell at me when i tell her how much I drink?
I am ashamed to tell my doctor how much I drink in fear she will yell at me because one day my grandfather told her he drinks beers and she yelled at him saying "don't drink beer cause it's bad for the liver" so I am afraid I will get the same response from her what to do?


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Why would you even worry about it since you won't do anything about it no matter what the doctor tells you to do? Why even go to the doctor in the first place? I would think any doctor would love to have you as a patient because your health is bad and getting worse. Over time you will need more medical care which means bigger bucks for the doctors. You are their future money maker since you are going to need them a lot more as you grow older. If I was your doctor, I would never yell at you because all I would see is a big money sign over your head and know you can help pay for a new car or vacations in the future. What you do to your own body affects you, not the doctor.




"Weather man I am ashamed to ask a doctor she might fall down from a heart attack when she hears how much I drink. I might kill the poor doctor by scaring her to death by telling her how much it is.
16 minutes ago"

An MD should never yield at you.
Heck my MD drinks more than I do ! LOL. I caught him a couple of times partying at the same places as I.
He says he is an MD so he can drink. ^^
But I only drink light beers, and who cares what the MD says !
Change MD.

Weatherman is correct. He has answered all of your questions. Look back, he has. REOW, Just, stop drinking yes it's bad yes cirrhosis of the liver HELLO!

No she/He will understand but warn you a few times and you will feel comfortable about her after a while

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