main bottles i should get for a cocktail party?!

Question: Main bottles i should get for a cocktail party?

Vodka, gin, tequila, rum, whiskey. You could toss in amaretto or brandy if you like. And if you get the tequila you'll need triple sec for margaritas. The brands and price points are up to you, but those are the most popular.

VOK brand; Parfait Amor (purple), Blue Curacao (blue), Triple Sec (clear), VODKA, Strawberry Liqeur, Midori, White Rum, Peach Schnaps.

Fruit Tingle; 1 part parfait amor, 1 part blue curacao & 1 part triple sec or vodka, fill to top with lemonade, over ice, with a dash of grenadine ontop :) delicious with a strawberry onside glass.

Another Fax; 2 parts midori, 1 part vodka, fill to top with pineapple juice, nice with a wedge of pineapple onside glass.

; 1 part strawberry liqeur, 1 part white rum; fill to top with lemonade. yum yum.

Party in your mouth; 1 part vodka, fill to top with Coca Cola, add a dash of grenadine

1 part being a 30mL shot (best to get a pourer from bottle shop that has little balls inside that roll & pur perfect 30mL shots each time, everytime.

And for fun a shot!
1.3 vodka, 1/3 peach schnaps, little cranberry juice & to top with freshly squeezed lime, quite easy to shot!

Loves cocktails, entertaining & a good time (for myself & my guests!!)

You need to cover the essentials. Rum/Vodka/Scotch/Gin/Whiskey/Tequila also make sure their is red and white wine. Those bottles cover almost all of what people drink. If it is an older crowd you could do without the Tequila. Also with red wine, you might want to get two different kinds so that people can choose what they want to drink.

I suppose you'd know the people coming better than I would, but I'd probably have a red and white wine handy, gin and vodka, and some whisky- preferably scotch.
From there, I suppose you want to know what else might be favorites of geusts...

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