has anyone used an absinthe kit before?!

Question: Has anyone used an absinthe kit before?
i just purchased an absinthe making kit online (using liquid essence). i was wondering if it really works, and if it tastes like absinthe


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Distillation of absinthe starts with a gentle decoction of herbs that is mixed in later steps with the mash distilling that then gets passed as steam in an additional pass, usually through a second bouquet of herbs spread on a screen in the head of the still. This makes for good lickerish flavored booze.

The kits soak herbs in neutral grain spirit resulting in a very very bitter tincture. Much different from actual absinthe and usually undrinkable. People who taste it usually make a face like your avatar, so I guess there is no harm done in your case.


the problem:
they are unregulated and can cause major complications if you add too much.

you can buy absinthe now in most of the world in most local liquor stores... i would trust this before messing with "kits" bought online

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