Vomiting three days after drinking alcohol.?!

Question: Vomiting three days after drinking alcohol.?
A friend of mine drank for the first time on the night of the 14th, and ever since she's been unable to keep anything down. She's been throwing up everything she tries to eat.

As I said she's never drank before, and she had the equivalent of five shots of whiskey. She drank plenty of water, drank a bit of coffee, had some chocolate brownie and ate a jimmy johns sandwich that night, all of which she DID keep down. The next day on, however, she hasn't been able to.

She has a heart condition and we expect she may have a weak liver too, so I'm really concerned. Is this something we should consult a doctor about, or go to the ER over? Or is this normal hangover symptoms? Please respond ASAP, and thank you.


YES most defiantly you should consult a doctor right away. Vomiting for 3 consecutive days sounds pretty serious and on top of that she has a heart condition and a liver?
I believe this is caused by drinking to much 'fluid' and it hasn't been balanced with solid, nutritious foods. Also since she has been drinking liquor while having a liver condition, her liver was probably too weak to break down the alcohol and apparently alcohol's are much harder to break down... (i'm pretty sure).


Well I had a liver transplant in 2005 and I am not allowed to drink much. Her liver could well have reacted badly to the alcohol and this is making her ill. But it could also be alcohol poisoning or even food poisoning if the sandwich had something like chicken in it. Best bet would be for her to go to the doctor
Hope she gets well soon

When are people going to learn that alcohol is bad for your health? A small amount once in a while is fine - but the extreme's people go to to get hammered is shocking. Your friend is plain stupid for drinking so much (whether she/he is used to alcohol or not). They deserve what they get...Hopefully they will learn their lesson...

Take her to hospital, ER, a doctor just someone to seek medical advice and a check up to see if its anything serious, i wouldn't chance it by not seeing anyone if i was you. Hope your friend feels better soon, had a couple of nights like that....NOT FUN!

I have had a lot of these nights and that is really not normal you really should take that pour girl to the ER right away it could be life threaten.

It sounds like she needs another drink. Get her to drink 3 cans of super tenants or special brew larger as quickly as possible. Combine this treatment with several cigarettes and some sleeping pills.

maybe she's allergic. Get her some fries and a coke. she will feel better once she finds something that she can keep down. and weirdly enough, mcdonalds does the hangover trick for most.

Since the problem has not gone away, you should consult a physician immediately.

She could have alcohol poisoning. A friend of mine has a brother that got it, lasted about a week.

Go to the er she shouldnt be drinking if she has a heart problem

dont hang around go to hospital

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