How long does odouls stay drinkable in the refrigerator?!

Question: How long does odouls stay drinkable in the refrigerator?
My boyfriend bought some odouls nonalcoholic beer for new years and it's been in the refrigerator ever since. Is it still drinkable or has it expired? I cant find a date.


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techincally, for optimum flavor it should be drank within 6 months of bottling/canning

that being said, its been sealed, pressurized, pasturized, it would likely be good for years... even without the alcohol that beer has to help preserve

It was not drinkable when it left the bottling plant. What makes you think aging it in the fridge will make it drinkable.

Well if your boyfriend isn't man enough to drink real beer, he shouldn't mind how it tastes.

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