what are some fun drinking games :) ?!

Question: What are some fun drinking games :) ?
achol related games please :)


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Circle of Death (COD)....variants are Kings Cup or Ring of Fire

Chase the quarters...You need 2 quarters, 2 shots glasses and alcohol. Players sit around a table. Players opposite each other start at the same time, trying to bounce a quarter in to shot glass. When they make it, they pass to the left. When a player winds up with both shot glasses in front of them, they have to drink the designated drink. We usually just have half a beer in a glass that the loser has to down. Other rules...make the quarter twice in a row and that shot glass reverses direction. Make it three times in a row an it goes to the person opposite the table from you. Attempt a second or third time in a row and miss...start all over.

Ring of Fire.

The game begins with a deck of cards face down in a ring formation. Clockwise around the ring each player takes it in turn to flip a card face up and places in the middle of the ring. All cards 2-Ace represent a different game so it's really 13 games in 1.

When a player turns a.....

2- MAKE A RULE (this rule is carried out until the end of the game)

3- PROPOSE A TOAST (the card turner proposes a toast to whatever he/she like but all players must consume some drink after the toast as a sign of respect)

4- 4 FINGERS (whoever turns the card has the power to delegate up to 4 fingers of drink to ANY player. They may give them all to one player or divide them up to a maximum of 4 players)

5- KING OF THE RING (the king of the ring has the power to make anyone drink whatever he/she likes whenever he/she wants until a new king is elected)

6- LADIES DRINK (all female players consume 2 fingers of drink)

7- CATEGORIES (the card turner selects a category e.g. brands of clothing, golfers names, London football clubs etc. and one at a time players give an answer until either someone can't think of one or their answer isn't correct. They then consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

8- GENTS DRINK (all male players consume 2 fingers of drink)

9- BUSTA RHYME (the card turner says a word and players must give a word that rhymes with the original e.g. lick, sick, prick, kick etc. until either someone can't think of one or their answer isn't correct. They then consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

10- SNAP (the last person to put their hand on top of the upturned 10 card must drink the minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Jack- THUMBMASTER (thumbmaster can place his thumb on the edge of the table whenever they like and the last person to do so consumes minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Queen- QUESTIONMASTER (questionmaster can ask people questions whenever they like and if any other player answers a question they must consume minimum fine of 2 fingers)

King- EYEMASTER (the eyemaster tries to catch the eye of any other player. A player caught looking directly into the eye of the eyemaster must consume a minimum fine of 2 fingers)

Ace- 21s (a game of 21s proceeds starting with the card turner)

After a player turns a card the next person in the ring takes their turn.

The 'power cards' (5, Jack, Queen, King) remain with the player who turned them until the next time the card is turned. So a player who turns a Queen will be questionmaster until the next time a Queen is turned.

If at any point during the ring (the game) a disagreement occurs between players (e.g. is a word legible in BUSTA RHYME or who was the last person to put their thumb down during THUMBMASTER, a 'Council' will decide the outcome. Anyone can call Council at any time and a majority vote (shown by placing a clenched fist in the middle of the table) is final. All players at the table are involved in the council.

The standard minimum drinking fine is 2 fingers but can be adapted to the drink involved e.g. a fine of 4 fingers for lager may be adapted to only 2 fingers for wine.

I Have Never.

Players in the group take turns. On their turn, they must say a statement beginning with the words “I have never…“, which will be followed by something that they have or haven't done, it doesn't matter.
If you have done this thing before, you have to stand up and take a drink, if not you should remain seated and wait for the next person to have a go. It's that simple.

Suck and Blow.

A common game. To begin, gather a group of men and women into a circle. Pass a playing card (an ace for luck!) from mouth to mouth by first inhaling to receive the card and then exhaling to pass the card to the next person. If the pass is successful, you'll feel surprisingly light-headed. If unsuccessful, the card slips, leaving your lips locked in a "surprise kiss" with your unsuspecting neighbour.

Hope I helped, have fun :)

Three man:

You roll two dice at a time in a clockwise circle.

First person to roll a three is the three man. They drink whenever someone rolls a three. If someone rolls a 2 and a 1 its called "three the hard way" and the three man has to drink two seconds.

If someone rolls:
7, person to the right drinks. 11, person to the left drinks. 4 and 1 is touch the floor where last person drinks. 6 and 4 is a toast where everyone drinks.

If someone rolls doubles they give the dice to someone they want to drink. If that person doesn't roll doubles then they drink the amount of seconds they roll. If they roll doubles the dice come back to you and you have to roll doubles or else you must drink double the amount you rolled. It keeps going back and forth until someone doesn't roll doubles (1x,2x,3x,4x the amount rolled). If you roll double 3s then the dice go straight to the three man, you don't get to choose.

If you roll something that isn't a number where someone drinks then you pass the dice on.

If someone rolls the dice off the table they are the new three man. If the three man rolls a 3 then they get to pick a new three man and give the dice to the person after the three man they choose. If three people in a row roll nothing then the last person becomes the three man.

Seven, Eleven or Doubles:

This is a fast game. You sit in a circle, roll two dice, and there is a glass in the middle with some beer in it (not full unless if you feel lucky you won't get picked next).

If you roll a seven, eleven, or double then you get to pick someone to drink the glass in the middle; if not then the next person rolls.

When someone picks you to drink you have to drink as fast as you can because they will keep rolling the dice trying to get seven, eleven, or doubles before you put the empty glass down.

If you finish drinking before they roll one of these combinations then the next person in the circle rolls.

If they roll a seven, eleven, or double before you finish then someone else must put more beer in the glass and you must drink again.

Sorry for it being so long but these are two of my favorite drinking games. Hopefully you understand this. The websites have other variations.



kamikazes. my friend and i made it up. you have to by kamikazes which are pretty much shots in these little tube things. they are 15% alcohol. and you need beer. take a deck of cards and each card stands for something. what they stand for is up to you. the 2 card has to be the person who draws takes two drinks of beer. if you get an eight then you can give 8 drinks out to ANYONE in the room. and then an ace and king means you have to take a shot of kamikazes. once all the kamikazes are gone, the player who drank more of them loses.

centurion take a shot of beer every minuite for one hundred minuites if you make it through you are a centurion i guarentee you a shot might not be a lot but if you go at it for this long you will be wasted i dont think its that much of a game as such but it is amusing thing to do as opposed to sitting miserable with a pint

Kings. It's like all the drinking games in one! All you need is a deck of cards and lots of booze
Here's a link to the rules.(some people like to switch them around a bit too- which is also fun)


I do a fun one every day. It's called "remove cap, drink, throw away empty, repeat until you pass out"
It's a blast!


First you need to ensure there is no alcohol.

Then find something to do that's fun.

I never! If you've done it, you drink!

I never! If you've done it, you drink!

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