Energy Drinks and Alcohol?!

Question: Energy Drinks and Alcohol?
I've heard that there were some kids that passed out, and there was concern in their drinks being laced. When they found the cause, it was something related to the caffeine alcohol mixture. Is it bad to mix these two substances together, or is it just they drank more because they were stimulated and felt less "drunk?" (What I've heard from someone)
I'd like to know what I'm talking about if I try to tell some of my friends that it's a bad idea or something, but if it's not a bad idea, (as long as your responsible) I don't want to look like an overly cautious poon boy. Just some person advice please. :)


A bunch of college kids in Colorado DIED while drinking heavily at a party sometime last year. When the cops found them they suspected that they had been drugged or had been mixing drugs and alcohol but it turns out they just drank way too much four loko which is one of the alcoholic energy drink malt beverage type of thingys.

The thing about four loko and other drinks like it is that it is not like drinking a regular beer. It has a high alcohol content (8-12% I think) where regular beer usually has around 5%. It also has caffeine, which could contribute to you being able to stay up all night drinking when you normally would go to sleep.

Anyway there is nothing that special about it. It just combines high amount of alcohol with caffeine and possibly other herbal stimulants. You wouldn't catch me drinking more than one. (For one thing they are heartburn in a can and I would have to eat about 3 rolls of tums if I did try to drink more than one) It's best to have one of these to kick off your night and then switch to light beer. That's just my advice.

it is a result of too much of anything is bad for you deal. a few redbull and vodkas arent going to kill you, 8 might.

It is pure crap. Drink to much and yes, you can mess yourself up pretty badly. Only time I ever puked blood was after drinking 4 "joose" energy/alcohol drinks.

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