What should a newbie try first in alcohol? I've had beers and white rum. ?!

Question: What should a newbie try first in alcohol? I've had beers and white rum. ?
Please tell me some basic pointers about drinking in general so that I don't make a fool out of myself when I'm out with others?


Well if your drinking and want to get drunk then...big chance of you making a fool outta yourself..... though honestly nobody really cares :) Just drink as much as you can handle and for a beginner i suggest you should jus start off trying different sorts of alcohol and you'll know whats best for you. JackDaniels whiskey is my fave i highly recommend it to you ! make sure you try it out :) ENJOY!

sip don't guzzle make that drink last a long time and so will your money
and before you go out eat something
oh and do not mix the kind of drinks you are having stay with it all night

life lesson


Eat a little something before you drink out with friends it will help with the absorption of the alcohol

What I did was drank alone to get to know my limits and when I felt too drunk I would simply stop. And rosé wine is good for starting and alcopops

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