What is a drink (shot) my wife may like?!

Question: What is a drink (shot) my wife may like?
We want to play some drinking games tonight, so i have to stop at liquor store. I have no idea what to buy her!!

She doesnt like coffee patron, or straight vodka, or jack daniels, or tequila

She does like (in drink form) long island iced tea (made weak), vodka cranbury, vodka with snapple, whiskey sour, mudslide. She also likes White Zinfindel wine

Her "go to" drink at bars is a Vodka Cranberry, but that would make a pretty weak shot for a game wouldnt it? Considering the amount of vodka in the glass, then divide that by like 4 shots ...

Suggestions please, quick! :)


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Get her some Baileys.
Tastes like caramel.
Goes better with ice!



get her a liqueur, like Frangellico (Hazelnut flavor), or Galliano (Peppermint), DiSaronno (Almond), or many others. These typically are 40 proof, which is half the strength of 80 proof liquor, but can be very deceiving as to the power. The taste is generally much more enjoyable to ladies than the high power stuff. (My wife used to say Frangellico made her horny)

I would recommend some of the "sweeter" tasting shots. Some raspberry vodka mixed with pink lemonade is really good.



Southern Comfort.....or......Kaluha

My Sister's Favorites

Purple hooter

popular at my bar

Washington Apple

roofie coolata.

Sourpuss comes in some flavors


Try a good cognac.

Peppermint Schnapps
or any flavor that she might like there are a lot to choose from

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