I've turned angry and foul mouthed when ever I have a drink. Do I have an alcohol problem? Please help me...?!

Question: I've turned angry and foul mouthed when ever I have a drink. Do I have an alcohol problem? Please help me...?
I work full time, and only used to have a drink at the weekend but could easily go a couple of weeks without having a drink. Standard really! But lately I've noticed I'm drinking more, i'd say around 3/4 days in a week i'm drinking, or having big drinking sessions 2-3 times a week. I used to be a happy and giggly if I got a bit drunk with friends but lately I've realised I've turned bitter, or angry, rude or falling out with someone when i've had a drink. My mother confronted me just now and she's said i'm just like my father - "ignorant and foul" she said. Do I have a problem? Why has my attitude changed when I have a drink now.... What should I do? I'm so disappointed in myself.


There's a check list for determining whether a person is an alcoholic. It's quite strict, and two "yes" responses suggest a drinks problem. You alluded to two yes responses: Are you drinking more than you used to; do you undergo a personality change while drinking? Others are, Have your relationships suffered due to your drinking; do you feel remorse after drinking; do you drink alone; do you take a drink in the morning so as to feel a medicinal effect; have you ever forgotten what you did while drinking; have you ever had a blackout; has your job ever been in jeopardy due to your drinking, etc.. Get 'hold of some AA materials for the best definition of your situation. Best of success to you.

Yes you've got a problem. You know it. You wouldn't have asked this question if you didn't know it. Do you need professional help? Perhaps. Can you stop drinking for one month? Try it. If you can you are probably Ok - if not.....

It looks like you have a problem in the sense that you "can't hold your liquor". Some people become bad people when they drink. It sounds like you have a tough choice ahead of you.

When you drink alcohol you remove good judgment and your raw inner child comes out. In your case that inner child is ugly and or angry. No offense intended.

Sober 16 years

Stop drinking and seek some help you can start with your own doctor, it's worth a visit before it's too late. Good luck young lady.

Just stop drinking.


yes you have a problem see a doctor

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