How does Scotch taste in comparison to Jack Daniel?!

Question: How does Scotch taste in comparison to Jack Daniel?
which one has a more bitter taste? which goes down more smoothly? which gives you a quicker buzz?

(please try to be neutral as possible in your answer...thanks)


it all depends which brand of scotch you are talking about. the jack will be more bitter than most scotches and wont be as smooth. quickest buzz is all up to the alcohol content and they all vary a lot.
having said that i would drink jack over most scotches other than a few of the dearer ones.

Actually yesterday I met with Jack and he said that he is having Daniel's Scotch with him.....................confused........… K .read this one,,it may help you out.................LIQUOR CONSUMPTION IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH.

They are equally poisonous and damaging.

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