Going to drink for the first time?!

Question: Going to drink for the first time?
Well am going downtown tonight and am going to drink. My friends have been drinking and now am going with them.I dont want to get drunk because after am going home. Any tips? [am 15]


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you ever drink baileys from a shoe?

My tip is simple - do not drink until it is legal for you to do so, and then only do it because you want to, not because your friends do it. You are your own person with your own mind, and can make decisions of your own. There are alcohol age laws in this country for many reasons, a huge one being that a 15 year old's body cannot cope with alcohol safely.

My friend has a son of 15, he has admitted he felt pressured into it by his friends, but he stood up to them and told them he will start when he is 18 and not before. They laughed at him for a few weeks but true friends will always be true friends even if you don't do what they do, and they have stuck by his decision. Since then 2 have realised the effect alcohol was having on them and have stopped it themselves.


don't mix trust my friend who's a day younger than me had the same amount of alcohol as me but he mixed wine beer and cider but i only had beer nd cider i was fine he was out of it we had to carry him home to a very annoyed mother we were just 13 but that night was great for the rest of us. drink if you want to just be careful stay away from rivers and that and find out your limits (don't drink too much until you know you can) also eat bread it absorbs the alcohol and chew chewing *** and don't talk to much just go to your room and your parents shouldn't notice that you've been drinking . just don't eat stuff that's gunna taste nasty second time round

Don't drink heavily even though you'll probably be tempted to given that its your first time drinking. Take it from someone experienced... drinking is fun but crossing that limit just makes you feel like ****. Stay away from rum, whiskey, brandy, vodka. Just have like a couple beers or ciders. No more than 3. You probably won't get drunk off just 3. Make sure you eat something fatty/greasy before. It will help keep you sober.

well you could drink orange juice or coke. If you don't want to get drunk I suggest you don't go out then.
You shouldn't even be drinking at 15 basically your breaking the law. Your parents could find out so I would watch what your doing. If you start drinking now you could find that you have a greater risk of heart disease and lungs. You could find that when you get older you might have alcohol problems.

don't drink to much only get tipsy and its easy to act not drunk but don't talk to much other wise someone might notice something im 13 and that works for me or drink allot at allot away and ul only be tipsy wen u go home it takes one hour for one drink to wear off so if have 6 wait like 5 hours to go home

Well.so try during day time..........even if U get drunk also,U can manage to stay outside for a while and then can move to your home,but if you try it in night,,there are chances of getting caught by parents...........Think and Drink..Best of Luck.

My tip is that you not drink, especially not with such people.
Alcoholic consumption@such a young age leads to problems.

Humans only have one life and a limited number of brain cells.

Don't drink -_-
Or pretend to drink. You'll not be drunk if you're used to those alcoholics. If this is your first time, don't drink at all or snip just a sip.
Good luck! :)


eat loads of food before you go, it will hit you faster if you have an empty stomach.
If you can, drink water every second drink.
Dont mix drinks, just stick to the same one the whole night.

Just try to drink slowly and not too much. If you rush it you'll be sick and your friends will laugh at you.

Don't drink then.

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