What are some good Belgian beers?!

Question: What are some good Belgian beers?
I am going to be in Brussels and I want to get a good Belgian beer that you can only get in that area. Any good ones?


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belgium is the place for beers but most are common elsewhere now. Their fruit beers are more select and an acquired taste.

Don't listen to these answers, they don't know what they are talking about. Some good ones that you can buy pretty much anywhere are Chimay, St. Bernardus and Westmalle. Each make a few different styles to choose from. The "kriek" someone referred to means "cherry" and a lot of Belgian brewers make the style with Lindemans being the most popular-
**Ooops I just saw you want to get stuff you can only get there. Look for the number one beer in the world called Westvleteren. I'm not familiar with Belgium so I don't know if it's close but it would be worth the trip. Buy all 3 and you will have tried one of the most sought after beers in the world. You can only get it at the monestary and the cafe nearby

I'm a beer snob and alcoholic

Belgian beer tends to be thin and sweet. Just try several, there's enough variety you'll probably find something you'll like. Most I've tried leave me cold.

I tried one called something like, "Bokkerider" that had a silhouette of a guy riding a goat on the label. It wasn't bad, but again, it was light and sweet.

The cherry-flavoured beer is the way to go! Very Belgian :) I think it's called Kriek
Or any of the other flavoured beers.

Spent some time in Belgium on holiday :)

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