how many drunks are there in russia?!

Question: How many drunks are there in russia?

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I did start counting once but I run out of fingers...


No-one is going to have the answer to that question. On my last visit, when I was mostly in Siberia, I saw far fewer than when in the major 'European' Russian cities. There seemed more of it on the street back in communist days, as far as I see it - when the Spetsmedy trucks used to tour the cities in the early hours picking up drunks and taking them to have their stomachs pumped.
What you can say is that the Russian custom is to drink together with toasts (missing a glass of vodka when everyone else is having one is seen as letting the side down if not actually rude) until you are all really drunk."We'll meet under the table" is one of my favourite toasts.
On a long journey, it's pretty common for ordinary enough looking men to gradually drink until the speech is slurred and more swearing ensues (blyad' in between ever word); occasionally it can turn nasty and even violent. I've rarely seen Russian women get in such states.

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During my culinary training I visited Russia, and 3 times after. Every single house that I was invited into (and it was hundreds) I walked in on a drinking party. Everybody was having a good time. And when you consider that the Russian word for water is "Vodka", it all makes sense.

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Whats the population?then you will have found the answer

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