wine making from pasteurized grape juice?!

Question: Wine making from pasteurized grape juice?
Hi all, my mum recently brought me 20 cartons of red grape juice as it was going cheap but still in date. I was very pleased with this bargain until i read the carton, It say "not from concentrate" its been pasteurized and after reading a little online it just says the wild yeast has been taken out it the pasteurizing process.
Will this still be suitable from brewing wine i don't want to try until certain as i plan on making 5 gallons and would be a waste of time and ingredients.
Many thanks


It will be suitable for making wine as long as it doesn't contain a preservative. It is good to be pasteurized. You actually don't want the wild yeast it it. That only works well when the grapes are grown in completely natural organic ways, like they did 1000 years ago. Just add yeast to it. Fleischman's rapid rise yeast is a very good wine yeast.

N is right, except for the yeast selection. Use a real wine yeast, such as Montrachet. You still won't get great wine but there should be no off-tastes as there would be if you used bakers' yeast. Your alcohol yield will be better too.

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