Teenage drinking... ?!

Question: Teenage drinking... ?
Should It be legal to have a drink with your parents when you are a teen? Like just one drink once in a while so that you don't go out and get smashed and end up in the ER?

But last night I was with my friend and we had a drink but we were only kinda tipsy.


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Where I live (England) it is legal to drink in your own home at five, and you can buy alcohol at eighteen. I think alcohol is a bit taboo, so when kids become teenagers they're like "omgz booze!" and get smashed.

Yes. Its only America that has this paranoia about alcohol. 21? What a ridiculous ruling.
In continental Europe its normal to have wine with dinner, even for teenagers. The age there in quite a few countries is 16 for wine and beer because of this and there's no drunken lawlessness. Its better that way because the parents can educate their children about drinking.

If you are at home it is acceptable that your parents may allow you to have one drink . However in a licenced establishment the management would be breaking the law . If the law was changed to allow parents the lee way you describe , how would the establishment know the adult was your parent or guardian

Look up individual state's liquor laws. Can't remember the site, but most states that is legal.

I'm a proud and happy alcoholic

in my opinion no don't think it should be legal, but your parents are who make the decisions when you are with them and underage.

If you're at home and your parents say it's ok. But if you're out in public it should not.

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