how do you make coffee with tia maria?!

Question: How do you make coffee with tia maria?

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You are a hoot, make coffee with Tia Maria, that's a good one. Pour the alcohol in your coffee, stir and drink.…

Exactly the same way as you do with any coffee with alcohol added . Make the coffee as normal , either in machine or instant , add a measure of Tia Maria . If you want the cream to float you should add some sugar and then pour the cream into the coffee slowly over the back of a teaspoon . I prefer whisky or brandy in mine !!

Brew your coffee and pour some into a cup and add the Tia Maria, a teaspoon at a time, until the coffee has the flavor you want.

Don't try to include the Tia Maria in the brewing process

Just make normal coffee then add a slug.

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