drink month old vodka mixed with lemonade? is it okay?!

Question: Drink month old vodka mixed with lemonade? is it okay?
i have this bottlle of lemonade mixed with vodka i forgot to drink, and its been sitting next to my bedside for roughly about a month, would it be okay to drink it?


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Go ahead its not a bad thing. If you get sick post another question asking why. This way we know what happened to you. I can't think of a way that it's going to do you any worry.

The idea of month old lemonade skeeves me out, but since it's been mixed with vodka, which kills the majority of germs, it should be fine.

ya its all good

certified jeanyus

ya its good

alcohol doesnt expire. as long as it is in a closed container and not open to air it is fine

should be fine , when you wake up let us know

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