What's the difference between 'tipsy' and 'drunk'?!

Question: What's the difference between 'tipsy' and 'drunk'?
It seems like sometimes the words are interchangeable or people have different ideas, like one person's tipsy is another's drunk.

So... what is tipsy to you? What is drunk?


i think tipsy is when you just start to get drunk , slur a little maybe lose your balance , when your drunk you can be totally incoherent and unable walk.

seen both

In my opinion, tipsy is when you are only a little bit drunk (maybe lightheaded and giggly) and drunk is when you have drunk so much that you are not acting normally. Hope this helps!

I love when you kids ask this question. It really brings out how terrible parents are at educating their kids about alcohol. When I was your age this was common knowledge

I'm a happy and proud alcoholic

They are the same thing.

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