Hangover help not sick just feel like ****?!

Question: Hangover help not sick just feel like ****?
i had a date yesterday and we only drank 2 shots and some beers but it was a bit awkward and now i feel like **** and cant go to sleep i have a foggy head and feel guilty for some reason i hate feeling like this what can i do?


blaze buds

Next time take 2 Advil BEFORE you go to bed. Helps tremendously. I am drunk so often I don't get hangovers any more. You should drink a little more until you pass out. Sounds dumb but that also works (and is a lot more fun!)

It always whe I take a BC Powder or Advil or something before I start drinking for the night and by time you get home you can always take something again if you like.

You just have to ride it out, find something fun to do, like trolling online. ;)

Yes it is common to feel like an idiot the next day when you drink too much.

Only time can cure a hangover. Go back to bed and suffer gladly (as much as possible)

drink some water and go back to sleep

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