how much would i have to drink to get drunk?!

Question: How much would i have to drink to get drunk?
im a girl about 5'7" and around 125 pounds


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40 ounce O.E ... dose it every time :)

This really varies from person to person, even from night to night. The easiest way to find out is simply to drink until you're drunk... Remember that the speed with which you drink is a crucial factor. It also depends how you define 'drunk'. Talkative? Uncoordinated? Half-comatose? I would usually drink the equivalent of 10 shots in order to get drunk.

If you're looking for a more scientific method to work out the number of drinks you need, try working out what your blood alcohol level will be after 'x' drinks within 'y' minutes. I've listed two websites in my references that should help you with this. The first is a BAC calculator, which allows you to enter personal details as well as number of drinks consumed in a given time period and returns your estimated BAC. You can compare this to the range of BACs listed in the second reference, a Wikipedia page, which show the physiological effects that most individuals will experience at each level.

So for example, if I was to drink 10 shots within 2 hours, my BAC is estimated at 0.256. According to the Wikipedia page, this stage is characterised by stupor, loss of understanding and impaired sensations. Which sounds about right... If we take a BAC of 0.2 as our definition of 'drunk' (this would be towards the higher end of drunkenness), it looks like you'd need about 7 beers over the course of 3 hours. In practice though, for somewhere between 'tipsy' and 'drunk' I would say that 5 should do it.

Just remember that, like I said at the outset, this all varies considerably from person to person. The safest way to find out really is to just drink to drunkenness, and no further.

100000000000 should do it :)

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