I hate alcohol and don't know what to do!?!

Question: I hate alcohol and don't know what to do!?
I am 19 and in college where EVERYONE seems to drink. I absolutely hate the thought of alcohol and get sick whenever I'm around it. My Girlfriend is also 19 and is now ready to drink and I have seen her take a few sips and it absolutely tore me up inside! I don't know what to do. I have tried getting "over it" and being okay with her drinking but every time she tells me she is going to I just feel like shutting down. Pleaseee help!


i dont like alcohol too....and its better to live a life without addiction. You know I have one rule of my life :" Make habit of only those things to whom you can leave whenever u want" , Hence I know if i will start drinking or using drugs i 'll get addicted easily ...but it will be very tough to me to get away from those addictions.If i am using occasionaly so that i could not make a habit then these are not going to harm my mind-body.you know i have my so many colleagues who are habitual of snuffing,drug addicted,regular user of alcohol....one thing i found in them they all are slaves of their desires...and the condition of this addiction is created by themselves knowingly.It doesn't mean i never used these addiction stuffs ....i used them rarely...and never compell my self to use them again...so i am a free man...enjoying life a lot. You know there is scientific base of these activity.....all these narcotic stuffs ..releases "endorsin" like chemicals in brain which creates ectasy and euphoria. Alternate to these harmfull drugs and alcohol is obviously are so many such as...sex,sports victory,entertainments etc....so involve yourself in others.

Now answere to your question is : Dont compell yourself if your body or mind do not like a thing.Think about alternatives to get the same enjoyment.There are lots of alternatives of evrything in natur...discover and use them....and enjoy your life and every moment.:) source:my own exprnce

u no what: u dont need to drink to have some fun!! Just live life and be glad your not damaging your lungs etc by drinking. if u think the college u go to is full of alchaholics, change colleges! dont let those drinkers let you down, and with your girlfriend, just say u no, i dont really like this alchahol and all, could u maybe stop? or sumthing like that so she knows how u feel. Its better to be honest right?

Your internal guidance is working well...alcohol is a toxic fluid that damages more lives than any other. Stay true to your own discernment not that of some college freshmen. You'll do better in life.

First of all, if it's just the fact that you don't like the taste of it, then you're just making a big deal out of nothing. If it's for some other reason other than that, I need you to elaborate.

She isn't forcing you to drink so what's the problem? You can hang out with people and not drink. Just like you can date people who drink without drinking....

awwwwww :) i totally agree with you. dont start drinking your delf though. dont get her to stop but just tell her what you have just told us :)

Sounds like a troll.

Don't get around it.
Or suck it up!

smoke weed

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