what drink is good to mix with vodka, so you cant taste the vodka?!

Question: What drink is good to mix with vodka, so you cant taste the vodka?
i hate the taste of vodka an i want a drink that overpowers it .


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I love vodka with orange juice, it really helps with the taste. You can try different kinds of juices, the best would be more acidic juices. I.E. Orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, etc.

I have tried the usual orange or cranberry juice, but my new favorite drink with Vodka is Hawaiian Punch mixed with 7Up. It makes like a fizzy punch. Soooo Good! Just be careful, since you can't taste it, it has the potential to knock you on your behind.

Red Bull. That is my favorite drink to mix with vodka because it nearly eliminates the taste of the vodka but you still taste the "kick." :-) Cranberry juice is also very good with vodka.

I got one better, buy the vodka that is flavored like whipped cream. Then get orange soda and mix them in a glass or blend in the blender with ice. Believe me it tastes just like an orange creamcicle

If you dont like it why do you drink it

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Not a fan of the taste either... all of the previous suggestions are good. Another one is Red Bull. It really drowns the taste of Vodka... but be ready to party all night!

cranberry-apple juice.

drinking some right now

I like it with grapefruit juice and served in a salt rimmed glass

Lucazade!! :) Thank me later ;)

cranberry juice or lemonade

orange or cranberry juice

I like to mix vodka with orange peach mango juice...It's a blend from dole I believe.

cranberry with slices of lime (so nice) or
soda water & lime

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