What are the effects of Red Bull on our body?!

Question: What are the effects of Red Bull on our body?
im doing a lab report about : What is the affect of Red Bull on our heart rate?

i need to find some sources telling me if the red bull gets absorbed into my body? and the time it needs


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Well obviously it gets absorbed into your body since you are drinking it. Ontop of the excessive caffeine that is provided in it, it also gives other stimulants in order to "make you fly" or "have wings". Because of the stimulants that are infused in redbull's mixture, your heart rate will increase and be greater than normal if you are sitting. Conduct an experiment on yourself, record your heart beat sitting down prior to drinking red bull, then drink one and in 5 minute intervals record your heart beat as in ever 5 - 10 -15 -20 minutes. If you do it to more people than just yourself, the data could be more accurate, also have a control that doesn't drink red bull in order to verify your results.

So many science classes.

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