What is the average size beer pitchers in restaurants?!

Question: What is the average size beer pitchers in restaurants?
Specifically Hooters. I was there last night with a couple friends, and people they knew. I didn't have to pay for it, it was a pretty good sized pitcher, just curious to know the standard size of beer pitchers at restaurants? They gave you small glasses, smaller than a small draft beer from a mug at a restuarant. I never drink pitchers, usually when I'm with friends, I'll get bottles or drafts, and the beer was on someone else in the group, who let us drink from it, so I just drank, cannot beat free beer. I had 3 glasses, but they were smaller than the average size mug of beer you get with drafts, so how many beers did I actually drink after drinking 3 of those small glasses of beer? I'm thinking 1 or 2? I just don't know the oz size of the small beer glasses with pitchers.


4 pints just over 2 liters

4-5 mints mate :)

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