What is your favorite cigarette?!

Question: What is your favorite cigarette?
I cant decide whether to go get a pack of no. 27's or newports or something else... what do you think?


look man im not going to be like some people who say you should not smoke ( i quit). What I will tell you is that there is nothing like have a good fat meal and lighting up a newport regular. Ahhh never felt so relaxed. So yea Newports because I tried a few others and everything else seems weak. Newports also give you a high/relaxed sensation.

Happy Smokin.

none, I don't smoke because its horrible for your health. You shouldn't smoke either it will do nothing but slowly prickle your lungs and eventually kill you. I know cause it happened to a friend of mine he was a smoker and he passed away at a very young age from lung cancer related to smoking he was only 41. Smokng is very bad for health. Is getting the pleasure out of a cigarette more important then being in good health? Think about it. P.S. think of all that money you're tossing down the drain by buying cigarettes cigarettes are highly costly and don't you think you can use that money for something way better then a pack of cigarettes? Really. You could buy something useful with that money, I personally don't understand smoking and why people do it since it does nothing but steal your wealth and your health, makes your clothes stink and make you unattrcative and old looking before your time. Also makes you unkissable. If you ever had a girlfriend who was a non-smoker she would not want to kiss you because your breath will smell terrible. Save yourself a lot of trouble and money and stop smoking. Your lungs will thank you and you will have a heavier wallet too.

Chesterfield blue

I think since it took me 24 yrs to quit, you should save your money and buy something else.

Camel Filters

Marboro reds Or Camel blues are okay

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