Are you tired of questions like "How much to get me drunk"?!

Question: Are you tired of questions like "How much to get me drunk"?
How many shots to get me drunk? lol


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They are annoying, and pointless as alcohol affects everyone differently so can't be answered

Just do what I do - Report them for being CHAT.

Though they are not as annoying as the "I drink 375ml of spirits, a bottle of cocktails & a bottle of wine every weekend is this harming my liver ... And don't tell me it's to much because I can't stick to the safe limits... But I don't have a drink problem" rubbish that one user keeps posting on here advice to all who ask this question is just drink until you don't feel like you can type silly questions into yahoo...then your defiantly drunk

I totally agree with you. Also throw in anything that ends with "Am I gonna die??".

Yes, dumb as most questions on this site now.

Sooo annoying. Is there actually anyone else here even over 21? Jeez.

yea. its annoying. they need to just drink and find out for themselves.

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