can i get drunk on..?!

Question: Can i get drunk on..?
im 5.6 male 160pounds
i have one beer 6oz of vodka and 8oz of white zifendel
will i be drunk?


I'm sure it'll do the trick.
Have fun.

it depends on your current alcohol tolerance/personal tolerance, Every person has a different tolerance regardless of how big or small you are. it also depends on how often you drink, someone who rarely ever drinks could get drunk of a really small amount, say a beer. Just drink till you fell the buzz, do a break into a groove and be on your way man:)

that would be = to just drinking 8 oz of 80 proof vodka.... you will feel pretty good for about 3 hours if you slam all 3 in under 5 minutes...... that would be around 1/3 of a fifth of vodka

Possibly - but your weight has nothing to do with it

yeah probably. nothing like crazy smashed but yes

yes very drunk

sick! youll be done for the night

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