what is the strongest alcoholic beverage to drink that isnt strong tasting?!

Question: What is the strongest alcoholic beverage to drink that isnt strong tasting?

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Peach Schnapps.

Everyone has different tastes. What do you mean by 'strong' tasting? As in you cannot taste the alcohol?

Of course with Smirnoff Ice, WKD and Bacardi Breezers etc. you cannot taste the alcohol but they have a very low percentage of alcohol.

Beer, cider and wine you cannot taste the alcohol much though, compared to whiskey, vodka etc.

It may not be the strongest, but a properly made Long Island Iced Tea, which has a lot of alcohol, will not taste strong at all. It's hit or miss, though, finding a bartender that gets it right.

the lower proof southern comfort usually does the job the 100 proof is a little overwhelming but just do 100 proof peppermint schnapps and pretend your brushing your teeth... its like scope you can drink

Long Island Iced Tea...
Shot each of rum, gin, vodka, triple sec, and tequila. Add ice & enough Coke to turn it the color of Iced Tea

Fruit punch masks alcohol, including the strength, so fruit punch and rum is a good mix.

its said to be vodka, although personally the taste of vodka blows my face off

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