How many coke Zeros should I drink per day?!

Question: How many coke Zeros should I drink per day?
About a year ago I switched from normal coke to coke zero and even though I hated it at first, I got used to it and now can't stand normal coke. Since then I've been drinking about 2-3 per day every other day maybe 4 days out of the week (the can ones idk how many ounces the ones that are in the 12 pack), is it healthy?


That's fine as long as your not drinking like 6 cans or more like i did a day everyday you should be ok

Coke alongside red bull is one of the worst drinks you can drink, nothing about Coke is healthy(zero or not), when drunk on a regular basis it can cause many health problems including Gut rot. I would suggest drinking something else 2-3 times a day and just having a coke every once in a while :)

none, if possible. Aspartame is a poison, IMO. If you insist on drinking coca-cola, drink Coke imported from Mexico. It is manufactured in either Tijuana or Mexicali as far as i know. Its in 12 oz. glass bottles which are pretty cool. They're 99 cents each in my area... or you could try costco was 18 bucks for 24 last time i saw.
What makes this different is it is sweetened with real sugar, opposed to high fructose corn syrup and aspartame in American manufactured Coke.

Tastes better too.

Coke zero contains aspartame, which can cause memory loss, loss of eyesight, fibromyalgia symptoms, just to name a few I have experienced, within two weeks of removing the aspartame my symptoms greatly subsided. To this day is I consume aspartame the symptoms return, my eyesight gets blurry within hours.

Diet soda has ingredients that have been known to cause ailments that include cancer. It also causes you to crave sweet items after drinking it. You shouldn't have anymore than one a day.

You should stop drinking soda period.

Uhm. I drink Sodas of varying types, 5/6 a day, everyday. You're probably fine, I havent died yet, I doubt you will

All soda, diet or regular, is really not good for you. There are no benefits to drinking it.

This is the Alcohol Board.

start buying them in 2 liter bottles and drink 1 a day

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