Is alcohol good for you?!

Question: Is alcohol good for you?
I have been hearing some controversy about alcohol and that it may be good for you. Is there truth to this? (not talking about wine).


Yes, now make sure you go to that random bar named Shirley Temple, then make sure you sit next to a random guy who likes to ask alot of questions about you, accept every single drink he offers you, including the random one he pulled from beside him while you were at the restroom. Then wake up the next day all butthurt and re ask that question.

Yes, that is a controversial topic. Certainly, abusing alcohol is not good for anyone. I did a little homework on blood pressure reducing practices, and read where you shouldn't start drinking to lower your blood pressure, however, a person who drinks moderately can see a significant increase in blood pressure for weeks, if they stop drinking altogether. I'm no medical professional, but I see nothing wrong with 1 to 2 drinks a day. Read the ingredients in beer...sounds a lot like the ingredients in the average "health bar" to me!

The alcohol itself is not good for you at all. However, few drinks (beer and wine mainly) have other ingredients that do provide a few benefits if consumed in moderation (as in no more than 2 in one day).

Alcohol has it's medicinal uses, but getting hammered isn't one of them.

There are some antioxidants in beers as well as some hard stuff. It is all right in moderation.

1 or 2 drinks a day can have the same effect as taking an aspirin if you want thinner blood


ofcourse not bad for your liver

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