Mini wine bottles popularity?!

Question: Mini wine bottles popularity?
They don't seem too common to come by. Is it a new thing? I love it because I usually waste wine. 375ml with a cork. Will they become more popular? What is the best mini red wine bottle?


Unfortunately, this site won't be much use to you in Canada (I'm 99% sure they couldn't ship to you), but you might enjoy checking it out anyhow. It's called Half Wit Wines and all they sell are half bottles. It seems that plenty of 375ml bottles are made, they are just a little hard to come by.

I love the small bottles - particularly for lunch for two or if you want to pair different wines with different courses.

I don't think it is a new thing. I love to bring them on a picnic. Quality of the brands I've purchased isn't great, but friends get a kick out of them.

I think they will become more popular when the quality of the wine in them improves.

I think they r great especially to throw in ur purse on a night out real quick.

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