How to keep from feeling home sick while in Florida?!

Question: How to keep from feeling home sick while in Florida?
I live in new York and tomorrow I am going to Florida with my friend for ten days. It's the longest and farthest from home I've ever been. Right now I'm really worried that I'm going to get homesick and I'm already feeling homesick as it s. How can I keepfrom gettin home sick and worrying about it.


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While I find the alcohol response valid you may want more. Keep in mind that this trip is just that, a trip. You will soon return to your home so rest assured its not a change. If you feel that an item taken with you will sooth your worry then by all means take something. You also have phone,. e-mail, and the internet to contact people back in NY while on this trip. Also, think about the adventures you will then have to share with both family and friends. When all else fails take the beer, wine, and spirits route.

Happy travels...

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simple ,just don't go

beer wine and spirits

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