what is your favorite drink?ONLY ONE plz?!

Question: What is your favorite drink?ONLY ONE plz?
Tell me what do you like drinking best and what you drink most?


If its just a relaxing day and I cook out, I like to try out different beers. I have found some good ones that go with different types of foods.
If its with some lady friends, maybe a bottle or two of champagne or nice wine.
If I go out to the bar, its usually coors light. If it looks like a party. Some shots and probably switch it up to vodka, Canberry n Redbull

I'm a recovering alcoholic ;)

My favorite (so far lol) would have to be a Slippery D*ck. It's basically a Slippery Nipple, but with cream.

Bailey's Irish Cream
Butterscotch shnapps
Cream (I use milk though to cut the calories)

:) It's soooo good. Yummy. :)

Since this is in the spirits section, an India Pale Ale, but after a recent trip around the US, I realized it's completely hit and miss. Some fancy brewpubs have crappy IPAs, and some crappy brewpubs have great ones.

My favourite alcoholic drink is Rye and Ginger.
Another good one is, Raspberry Vodka and lemonade.

Since the category is "beer. wine and spirits"...

Favorite: Manhattan
Most: Beer, usually darker varieties

Bacardi but in moderation. Drunkenness is displeasing to God, and if we love Him (like He tells us to in the first commandment), then we will want to please Him- even when its tough. God bless!

i probably drink water or milk the most, however my favorite drink is dr. pepper :D


Shirley Temples

Rosé wine is my favorite drink -- but water is what I drink most.

Thanks for asking!

lemonade, fresh squeezed


four loko! woo!

silk chocolate soy milk

iced tea.

Big fan of the orange juice!

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