On the Titanc, why does jack tell rose he will never let go ?!

Question: On the Titanc, why does jack tell rose he will never let go ?

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The duality of what Jack had said is that he would not let go of their love, the bond. He did not mean it literally as in his grip although that is part of the duality of his words. Perhaps, Rose did the same thing. If it is true, as we may be lead to believe, she did not let go either and remained faithful to their love her entire life. We see this in her tossing the jewelry into the sea "with" Jack. I suppose for a true poetic ending she may have her ashes laid to rest with Jack too. Time for a beer.

um no he told ROSE not to let go but he does say i won't let go, i've got you when she's about to fall off in the beginning maybe that's what ur talking about

Well some people think it's because he really loved her, but honestly... the guy was freezing to death. People will say crazy things when their bodies aren't under ideal circumstances (like freezing to death)

Because he is frozen stiff.

He loves her.

To comfort her.

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