What is a mild type of cigarette?!

Question: What is a mild type of cigarette?
I am having a nude photoshoot done in April and my "theme" is vintage. One thing I am interested in is a photo with me blowing cigarette smoke (pose unsure so far). A friend of mine just had photos done by the same photographer and she had smoke in hers, and I loved the look of it.

However, I don't smoke and don't ever want to make it a habit, but I really would like to do it for this photoshoot.

I can either bum one off a friend and smoke whatever they smoke, or I can choose my own and hopefully get something "mild" that won't make me sick.

One cigarette, not keeping the others, and certainly not getting hooked. I've already made the decision, I cant afford a habit like that, so don't feel the need to nag me :D



You would prolly choke or cough less with a menthol. I'm not sure who still makes Ultra-Lights, but you should be able to find them at a good service station/convenience store, such as Circe K..
Just ask if they carry any Ultra-Light menthols, and if they don't, get Marlboro Lights, Menthol.

You won't need to inhale to create the smoke.. In fact, you get thicker smoke if you don't actually inhale.

"Mild" or "light" just refers to the flavor of the tobacco, not the strength of the cigarette. When I smoked cigarettes I found that a lot of smokers think that this cigarette or that cigarette is stronger or "more" deadly but honestly, they are all the same. Even herbal cigarettes (that actors often use in movies) aren't necessarily "safer" but I'm pretty sure they are non-addictive. Once cigarette doesn't usually cut it for addiction.

You could try just bumming a cigarette and puffing on it without inhaling. Most people do this when they first start smoking anyway.

Marlboro lights r pretty good and light

Anything with smooth in the name, or menthols.

smoking is murder

What about using an electronic cigarette? You can get them with no nicotine and I have heard some of them make a lot of "smoke". If you really want a real cig, I would go with something ultra light since you are not a regular smoker, and maybe menthol if you want something that will mask the taste of the tobacco a little. I used to really like virginia slim ultra light menthol 120's back when I used to smoke menthols, they were very minty and had a very mild flavor. Also benson & hedges are very smooth and mild, I still pick them up from time to time for a change.

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