Does red wine and sparkling red grape have same taste?!

Question: Does red wine and sparkling red grape have same taste?
Both are packing in the glass bottle. Just curious, is it they have the same taste?


not even close. Sparkling grape is WAY sweeter. Although it depends on the type of red wine.

Although amateurs may find it difficult to tell how white and red wine varieties are created, wine enthusiasts can tell the difference. Red wine is produced from the fermentation of the entire grapes while white wine is the product of the fermented grape juice.

It would still depend on your taste buds, though. Some says its the same, while some says its different. The best way to find out is to taste it yourself so you can finally tell.

Check out this site,

They have a lot of pretty amazing infos and tips about wines.

Sparkling red grape juice is very sweet, sugary and quite fizzy. You can get lots of different red wines- Rose' (pronounced 'Rosay', I can't find the accent key) is probably the closest because it is lighter in colour and usually quite sweet. Most other reds are very warm and robust and earthy. They taste nothing like each other.

No they taste nothing alike.

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