i cant get my wine to clear?!

Question: I cant get my wine to clear?
im making a irish cream kit (classic liquores box) and ive followed everything down to a 't', then i siphoned out the base into a seperate jar leaving behind the sedament and i added one of the sachets as instructed then i made the finings as instructed with hot water and left it to thicken slightly and once cooled i added that to the jar, leaving behind the undesolved finings and then i gave it a really good shake.

that was 3 days ago, and the liquid is still as black as the day i shook it (the black is the charcoal added 48hrs previously) and i dont know why its not started to clear.
ive done many of these kits and never had a problem. i even got the jar in one of the coldest places in the house!
anyone give me ideas???


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Just an idea but why not contact them for advise. After all, its their kit they should know and be willing to advise you. Other than that I say to wait it out. You may have been too vigorous with it and it needs an extended time now to settle. You may need finings or not.

usually gravity is enough to clear a brew, if your having trouble, you could make a basic centrifuge , as a bit of a purist, I would only use finings as a last resort. In fact, I'd prolly bin the brew by this point and start over.

There are 101 opportunities for something to have gone wrong along the way. Leaking traps, exposure to air / wrong temperature. You could have mis-measured something along the way. If you can't settle it clear,just bin it and start over.

Get some bentonite from your local home brew shop.

Mix it up, add it in, then give the jar a damned good shake - not just a quick shake, do it for 3 or 4 minutes

If you followed the directions exactly you should be fine. After adding the finings it can take upwards of a week to clear. Patience.

Drink it you will see it clear the next day

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