Does huka harm our body?!

Question: Does huka harm our body?
I luv huka lyk anythng.
I cant leave it for pls tel is it harmful in any sense?
Is it harmful lyk cigarete?


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I love smoking cigarettes and I love smoking the hookah but the hookah is actually more harmful than cigarettes. The water in a hookah does filter out any toxins (contrary to popular belief), you typically take in a greater volume (compare your hookah inhale to a cigarette inhale), and unlike cigarettes there is no filter. The greater volume in the inhale and the lack of filter make it less healthy. Some would argue that the hookah is more healthy simply because you don't smoke the hookah with the same frequency that you would a cigarette; this can be true depending on just how great the frequency of your hookah smoking is. In sum though, don't be fooled, there is nothing healthy about smoking a hookah.

You should probably tone it down, at least until you can type a coherent sentence again.

Smoking is not bad for you because of nicotine, or anything like that. It's bad for you because you are inhaling smoke into your lungs. This is true of smoking cigarettes, a hookah, marijuana, lettuce, anything.

So it's about as bad for you as cigarettes.

Huh? what does any of that even mean, i cant read it, something is harm our body

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