question about the morning after you were drunk?!

Question: Question about the morning after you were drunk?
Ok i got pretty drunk last Nite, everythin was ok but whn i woke up in de mornin, i usually dont get any hangovers just when i get really drunk i wake up and i have this weird feeling, that my heart is sinking and i feel scared and stuff, nd i feel like shaking , anyone know what that is?


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Hi winter,

Of course you're feeling like that because you dehydrated yourself. You need to eat and drink plenty of liquids right away. Your body is starving for nutrients and liquids!


Yes, alchohol withdrawl from heavy drinking night before. The weird scary feeling is anxiety which happens to me too if I drink too much the night before and it causes shaking too. Check out what this person said and the reply's they got:…

Good luck.

Your body is warning you. Alcohol will damage virtually every aspect of your human body but one and that is hearing. You can die in a messy heap but you will still be able to hear.

How about listening to your body?! Knock it off and your body will be thanking you well into a healthy old age.


Go back to sleep. You need more rest!

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