What is your all time favorite Hard Liquor?!

Question: What is your all time favorite Hard Liquor?
and why? whats your favorite mixed drink? thanks!


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Barbayianni or Kronos Ouzo, I have always love licorice and when I found this drink it was instantly my mate.

2 oz. Curacao, blue
1 oz. Metaxa
2 oz. Ouzo
1 oz. Rum, white
1 oz. Whiskey, straight grain
2 tbsp. Lemon Juice
2 tbsp. Lime Juice
1/2 Cup Ice
Blend everything together with ice and serve into collins glasses.

Drambuie. Honey flavored spicy, has a mix of flavors just like wine in your mouth. Very nice smell, colour, full bodied, and finish.


I like it mixed with a diet lemon/lime soda if I can't get black cherry citrus fresca

Whiskey, because I love the flavor.
Either Jack and Coke or an Alabama Slammer.


Cherry flavored vodka. It goes down so smoothly. And i don't mix drinks.

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