Is it ok to binge drink everyone in awhile with my friends?!

Question: Is it ok to binge drink everyone in awhile with my friends?
I usually eat healthy and excercie everyday. But sometimes every once in awhile I like to go out and have a good time. I usually stay away from beer and stick to the harder stuff. Will I get fat as long as I dont do it too often? Thanks guys.


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Yes every once in awhile will not be a problem. You will not get fat but you should know that as you are into exercise. Binge drinking is bad for those that do it on a regular or semi regular basis but not every once in awhile.

Last time I checked an ounce of liquor had as many calories as a bottle of beer. I digress, the issue is binge drinking, you are setting yourself up for alcohol poisoning and or death by drinking to excess. Start drinking responsibly, ie drink to buzz then slow down to not get shitt faced. That is when you do stupid stuff, and start judging the quality of hangover to see how much fun you had.

It's never OK to binge drink-bad habit and very unhealthy. Having a good time doesn't mean binge drinking. If you had someone follow you as you drank and recorded all your activites, even the next days activities, you probably would not ever do it again, unless you have no self-esteem.

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