How to get rid from the smell of tobacco ?!

Question: How to get rid from the smell of tobacco ?
Im a underage smoker ( 15 ) I smoke Marlboro Gold
i need to know how to remove tobacco smell from my fingers and my mouth so my crazy mother wouldn't kill me for smoking


Axe body spray, and Cinnamon gum. Get some axe from the drug store real quick and pick up some big red, you'll be fine, works with pot too!


Washing your hands usually takes the smell from your hands and brushing your teeth and chewing gum will take it from your breath. BUT...The smell gets in your hair and can only be washed out. It gets in your clothes and has to be washed out. If you had my daughter for a mother you'd get caught. She can smell cigarettes that are not even lighted. That's how my grandson got caught

Don't smoke. You will always stink like tobacco smoke. You can not get rid of it. Even when people spray perfume in themselves, it smells like tobacco smoke perfume. You are just too young to make a decision that will lead to a lifetime of addiction.

She will know regardless of what you (try) and do ... Unless you have enough in
your piggy bank to pay your own rent and day to day expences you should quit.
Not only is smoking expencive but lung / throat cancer are no way to live.

Common Sense ...

Dont smoke it is really bad for you ...quite

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