What brand/type of cigarette is this?!

Question: What brand/type of cigarette is this?
Hi, I was watching a movie and saw the guy smoking a particular cigarette. I’ve never seen this kind before so I was hoping the Y!Answers community could help me out.


Click the picture above and please identify the brand or type of cigarette that he’s smoking please. It’s the closest and clearest picture I could get. I want to use that particular cigarette to fit the look of one of my short films so please let me know its name!


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Those are Russian cigarettes by the name of "Sobranie" (I cant believe I actually know this lol misspent youth).

Here is the wikipedia page on it:

What is the name of the movie though? It seems very familiar and will drive me nuts if i don't remember :(

It looks like a Black & Mild. OR at least thats what I think it looks like. They have tips like that.

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