What juices can u mix with smirnoff vodka?!

Question: What juices can u mix with smirnoff vodka?
I looove smiernoff but i wanna start taking the liquors i drink and making them tasty like juice almost how do i do that wut do i use?


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Orange juice it the best. I mix like a jacks and coke, 1 shot vodka (about 30ml) and the rest of the glass fill with orange juice

cranberry juice, and ginger ale, go quite well with vodka.
v 8 juice also, if you like V 8. (I do)
And of course, the old stand by, OJ. ;)

Personally tried them, as have friends.

Orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, craneberry juice, 7up,pineapple juice

smirnoff is disgusting and will give you NASTY hangovers

get a better vodka

I do orange juice and pineapple juice

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