why dont they sell alcohol on sundays?!

Question: Why dont they sell alcohol on sundays?
just wondering


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Blue laws usually. It depends on where you live eh, but where I am you can get beer
or wine (under 14% abv) after noon on Sundays but stores that sell liquor are closed.

I don't know where you live, but they do here in NY, and most other states. It used to be that you couldn't purchase it before noon, but even that's changed, Can buy it after 8 AM.

I and people I know have bought , and do buy it on Sunday. I don't think God minds, He allows the
priests to drink wine in church, on Sunday.

Well, where I live the Liquor Stores on Sundays are open until either 11:00 A.M-12:00 P.M and are closed after those times. Every state has different laws on when Liquor stores are open and how long they are open til. To answer your question it all has to do with the law.

Agreeing with the religion type answers.

Where I am, we had to wait until our oldest living resident died before we could change that "law".
She told us that she was going to hold on as long as possible just so we couldn't buy on Sunday (she lived to 101).
We served beer at her funeral. :)

I live here.

To keep people from going to the bar instead of going to church in the olden days. After all, there was no TV or internet then.

Sunday is a sacred day for most religions e.i- catholics. It's a religion thing

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